Thursday, 15 March 2012

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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Spring 2006

Code No 0210 Garment making-II

Code No 0212 Maintenance Of Electrical Appliances

Code No 0217 Food And Nutrition

Code No 0221 Compulsory English-II

Code No 0241 Islamic Fiqha-I

Code No 0242 Seerat & Hadith

Code No 0206 Family Health & Care

Code No 0208 Garment Making-I

Code No 0209 General Home Economics

Code No 0200 Selling of Home Made Products(E)

Code No 0201 Islamiat (C)

Code No 0203 Genreral Science

Code No 0205 Arabic

Code No 0207 Compulstory English-I

Code No 0235 Gneral Mathematics

Code No 0211 Poultry Farming

Code No 0218 First Aid-I

Code No 0219 Home And form Operations Management

Code No 0204 Urdu for Daily Use (C)

Code No 0213 Sindhi (C) + Salees Urdu

Code No 0215 Education

Code No 0240 Quran-I-Hakim-I

Code No 0202 Pakistan Studies (C)

Code No 0222 Applied Food And Nutrition

Code No 0229 Insurance

Code No 0245 Islamic Fiqha-II

Code No 0247 Mathematics-I

Matric/SSc Papers

Code No 0225 Business Methods

Code No 0226 Secretarial Practice And Correspondance

Code No 0216 English Typewriting

Code No 0244 Quran-E-Hakeem-I,Quran-e-Hakeem-II

Code No 0223 Book Keeping & Accountancy

Code No 0227 Salesmanship

Code No 0260 Information Technology BAsic

Code No 0251 Ethic

Code No 0224 Banking

Code No 0243 Arabic Grammar

Code No 0246 Arabic

Code No 0248 Mathematics-II

 Code No 0228 Import & Export Procedure

Code No 0214 Mathematics For Daily Use

Matric / SSc Papers

Spring 2006

Autumn 2006

Spring 2007

Autumn 2007